“People’s Choice” Voting Page

Welcome to the Martha’s Vineyard Museum’s voting page for the Island Faces Portrait Competition. Here you can browse all of the submissions, read their statements and vote for your favorite one.

We received over 30 submissions, and want to thank all of the talented artists for their time and energy. Judging will happen between now and August, and the winners will be featured in an exhibition at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum opening on September 4, 2015. To allow for impartial judging, the names of the artists have been left off of this site. If you would like to know more, please email acarringer@mvmuseum.org.

Why Vote?

By voting on this site for your favorite portrait, you will help determine the winners for a “People’s Choice” exhibition at Featherstone Center for the Arts in November 2015. The voting for “People’s Choice” will be open until August, so please share this site with others. Please only vote one time.

Voting Instructions
Scroll down the page to see all of the portraits, which are in random order. You can click on the thumbnail image to see a higher resolution. When you have chosen your favorite, click the button next to the image. To finish the process, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Vote” button.

Before voting, be sure to check out the Artists’ Statements page!

Remember to scroll all of the way down the page, as you can vote for only ONE portrait!


28 thoughts on ““People’s Choice” Voting Page

  1. Absolutely extraordinary work when you consider the scratching process, and three amazing images of Skip. The finer details are simply sensational!

    This contest information was forwarded to me from Kendal,l however I wanted to vote and share my perspective.


  2. This man’s exuberant personality seems to jump out at you via this portrait. I can’t help but smile myself viewing the portrait.


  3. I LOVE the use of food for this piece of artwork! How very, very creative, perfect and fun. Although I have never been to Dock Street, I would love to go there now!


  4. This photo is so crisp, it just jumps out at you! The colors are bold yet subtle, the fish is the focal point but the weigh master is delightful. ..its a happy picture that makes me smile and a good representative of our island life. Love it!


  5. His expression is compelling, strong and determined, but doleful too. I am deeply moved by this image and wish I could eavesdrop on his ruminations.


  6. I admire how the artist captured the gaze of the subject. Is it thought lost in the mental haze of a relationship, or perhaps calculating the best approach to the days fishing? the facial expression is the dominant feature of the painting, exquisite details notwithstanding.


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